Last modified: Tue Nov 09 2021 10:02:29 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)

Keyboard shortcuts in MISP

MISP has keyboard shortcuts managed using JSON files. To see the list of shortcuts for a given page, press the small black triangle at the bottom right of the page. Demo:

Demo video of showing the keyboard shortcuts in the MISP GUI

Q: Is it possible to customize the shortcuts in the GUI once they are there? A: Not at the moment.

Q: How do I add keyboard shortcuts to my MISP instance? A:

  1. Add a JSON file in app/webroot/shortcuts named after the page from which it will be included (for example event_view.json).
  2. Set your shortcuts using this format:

    JSON configuration example
    (action field is JS code)

  3. Include the keyboard shortcut config in the .ctp file you wish it to be used in using an input type="hidden" tag like this:

    Image of code to add to view page to enable keyboard shortcuts

  4. Test your shortcuts.

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