Higher Technician Certificate - Student Internship Position(s) Topics (BTS-01)

Overview - Higher Technician Certificate - Student Internship Position(s) Topics (BTS-01)

Topics to choose from

  • Extending MISP dashboard Widget to support new visualisation (e.g. sighting overview or others)
  • GitHub OSINT collection to import in MISP including specific cases such as DDoS tooling or similar
  • Analyse and extract common-crawl data to improve scanning strategies to find vulnerable infrastructure
  • Improve MISP warning-lists to include other potential source of false-positive
  • Evaluate existing datasets and do a quality control on its included filenames, file contents
  • Cross check meta data and resources of CIRCL opendata sets
  • Cross check CIRCL operational statistics by correlating graphs and raw data export (https://www.circl.lu/opendata/)
  • GeoOpen MMB evaluation GEO Open. Evaluate the completeness on MMDB files and document the differences between files
  • GeoOpen evaluation of address based on RIR data
  • Develop a D4 analyzer to generate Allaple worm and other statistics
  • Compile, test and evaluate d4 clients on BSD systems
  • Evaluate and improve false positives of address identifications in Luxembourg in leaked data
  • IoT firmware collection (based on deployed IoT in Luxembourg) and feed it in hashlookup
  • Investigate what’s possible with malware hidden in NTFS Alternate Data Streams - ADS
  • Will malware protected by NTFS $BadClus / FAT Bad Sector mechanisms survive a re-installation / re-format


  • Must be a EU citizen with an ongoing Higher Technician Certificate training in Luxembourg
  • Must have a high-level of ethic due to the nature of the work
  • Must be fluent in English and git (and a strong willingness to learn new techniques)

How To Apply

The application package must include the following in ASCII text format (language: English):

  • Your résumé letter
  • A motivation letter why you are interested in the internship

The package is to be sent to info(@)circl.lu indicating reference bts-01 and the topic you are interested in.

Application Deadline

Deadline for the application is the 30th March 2023. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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