MSc Student Internship Position (HONEYPOT-01)

Overview - MSc Student Internship Position - Improving analysis and visualization of existing honeypot analytic software

The aim of this project is to evaluate existing visualization approach used in existing honeypot analytic software and others. Especially reviewing current visualization approaches used in various existing tools like Moloch.

In addition, the project includes the current review of the parsing and analysis tools to ensure streamline integration with additional tools like yaf, tshark or similar.

The candidate will work on potiron and extend it to meet the visualization and analysis requirements defined during the internship.

Topics to be covered during the internships are information visualization, data mining and network forensic.


  • Must be a EU citizen with a valid work permit in Luxembourg
  • Must be eligible for an MSc student internship in the field of information security and/or computer science
  • Must have a high-level of ethic due to the nature of the work
  • Must be fluent in English, Unix, Python and git (and a strong willingness to learn new techniques)
  • Must have some familiarities with network protocols and the TCP/IP model

How To Apply

The application package must include the following in ASCII text format (language: English):

  • Your résumé letter
  • A motivation letter why you are interested in the internship

The package is to be sent to info(@) indicating reference internship-honeypot-01.

Application Deadline

Deadline for the application is the 15th March 2020. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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