CIRCL gives access to the common vulnerabilities and exposures data feeds for improved security

CIRCL gives access to the common vulnerabilities and exposures data feeds for improved security

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You can report incidents via our official contact including e-mail, phone or use the Anonymous reporting form.


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Accurate and most recent raw data on vulnerabilities and incidents available for all security experts, system engineers and ICT staff. Improve the security of your organization today.

CIRCL provides a contextual feed for all software vulnerabilities including visibility ranking in Luxembourg. The data feed originates from the aggregated data-sources of the most recent entries from the common vulnerability exposure platform: This platform also gathers feeds from the following sources:

The aim of opening up these data feeds is to allow security experts to get the most recent and accurate raw data on common vulnerabilities. It is an important source that can be used and transformed as wished - for example, in activities such as vulnerability management and knowledge, anticipation, security measurement and compliance.

Local ranking available

The data feed includes a ranking of the likeliness of abuse in Luxembourg, which is based on CIRCL’s incident statistics. The ranking value can vary from unset or “no ranking”, to 3 or “successful exploitation has been seen”. This ranking can be used by ICT staff, network, system or security engineer(s) with the aim to be able to prioritize system patching or risk assessment of software components.

Get your access today

Any organization based in Luxembourg and willing to improve security for their own benefit or their customers’, can request access to the data feeds. The feed is accessible in the JSON format and is updated on a daily basis. Contact us to get access:

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