Private and Public CERTs, stronger together

Private and Public CERTs, stronger together

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In February 2015, public and private CERTs from Luxembourg met at the Ministry of Economy in order to exchange on common projects, discuss threats and vulnerabilities information sharing, work on common research projects – all in all to collaborate more closely and create synergies.

From the private sector, were present: DBG-CERT, CERT-XLM, CERT (iTrust) and POST. From the public side, HealthNet CSIRT, CIRCL, RESTENA CSIRT, GOVCERT.LU and HCPN were represented.

“The idea is to create a CERT community gathering all the major actors and their expertise under a unique label and platform, CERT.LU. It is not only important for the local market but also when representing Luxembourg abroad”, explains Pascal Steichen Managing Director at

Another topic raised during the meeting is the creation of a code of ethics in order to allow all Luxembourgian operation security teams to be part of this initiative. This community shall also help in setting up new CERT teams in the future.

This first meeting lays the foundation stone to build a strong Computer Emergency Response Community in Luxembourg.