Luxembourg National Anti-Botnet Support Center joins the European Advanced Cyber Defence Centre

Luxembourg National Anti-Botnet Support Center joins the European Advanced Cyber Defence Centre

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The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is proud to announce the launch of the Luxembourgish complement of, an anti-botnet support platform, with the participation of 28 partners across Europe. is the outcome of European Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC). The aim of this European Project, driven by German ISP’s association ECO, is to create a community of stakeholders joining forces to fight botnets. In Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg is member of the ACDC project and works on the topic of Big Data for Security.

It is important to explain that infected systems are often part of a botnet, which can be controlled remotely by attackers to perform criminal activities like attacking other computers, send malicious emails or perform denial-of-service attacks. The aim of is to enable fast identification, and cleaning of infected machines on a European level. “With the platform, we want to provide a location for a EU wide data sharing, consolidated in a clearing house. Our goal is to deliver solutions and create a pool of knowledge to help organisations across Europe fight botnets”, explains Peter Meyer, Project Coordinator for ACDC.

On a national level, each country has an Anti-Botnet support center that has developed its own support processes. “If you have a strong suspicion that your machine is infected and you are looking for support to reinstall the system, you can check our Luxembourg based PC-doctor list to find a SME to support you. We have also developed the URL Abuse tool that will allow you to test and report any phishing or suspicious link. You can find all the information you need on”, explains Gerard Wagener from CIRCL. ACDC currently operates as a 30 months EU-supported pilot project, ending in July 2015 and aims to continue as a self-sustained infrastructure beyond the end of the project. Initiated by 28 partners from 14 countries, ACDC is open to stakeholders from industry, public authorities and academia across Member States.

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