Launch of X-ISAC, an Information Sharing and Analysis platform for all ISACs

Launch of X-ISAC, an Information Sharing and Analysis platform for all ISACs

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X-ISAC (pronounced cross-ISAC) ( has just been launched to provide existing ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers), CSIRT networks and information sharing communities a dedicated, reliable and trusted platform for information sharing and analysis purposes.

Communities providing core software, cross sector threat intelligence, taxonomies and open standards will not only be able to create their own ISAC but will also be able to interconnect with others using this new tool.

Information sharing is a key requirement in cyber security, in intelligence, counter-terrorism as well as financial fraud detection and prevention.

“X-ISAC provides the tools and practices to enable and drive information sharing and exchange worldwide. Due to the increase of sharing within organisations, bridging the exchange of information between communities is critical as it ensures efficient collaboration, analysis and cross-sectorial exchanges. However, the sharing of information still needs to be improved across regions, countries, companies and sectors”, explains Andras Iklody from CIRCL.

X-ISAC is operated and maintained by the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL). It uses the MISP standard format and technologies to enable users to benefit from different sharing models (centralised, partially-bridged, distributed), with continuous contributions from members (via proposals, collaborative intelligence support, sightings or expansions).

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