Take a peek into the 13th edition of Hack.lu

Take a peek into the 13th edition of Hack.lu

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The 13th edition of Hack.lu that took place on October 17-19, 2017 at Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg, was another great success with more than 400 attendees coming from all around the world.

One of the keynote talks given by Vladimir Kropotov and Fyodor Yarochkin tackled Information Flows and Leaks in Social Media. They tried to understand the dynamics of information dissemination through a social network and demonstrated how these networks are frequently abused by all sorts of malfactors to pursue an agenda of their interest. “Our findings are presented in form of several case studies where we walk through series of major events and analyzed how these events were played online. Different regional groups, different linguistic groups: the behavior on social media could be a pre-requisite of activity in a kinetic world”.

Another highlight was Sarah Jamie Lewis’ presentation on Queer Privacy & Building Consensual Systems, concerning stories of real people trying to live their lives, find love and happiness.

Some of the key topics were:

Find the full list here.

In parallel to hack.lu, three important side events were organized:

The Capture The Flag (CTF) was held by FluxFingers for the 7th consecutive year. The top three competitors were: Eat, Sleep, Pwn, Repeat from Germany; Dragon Sector from Poland and CodiSec from Poland.

For more information about the past 2017 or the upcoming 2018 edition, please contact the hack.lu team at: info@hack.lu