TR-14 - Analysis of a stage 3 Miniduke malware sample

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In the scope of targeted attacks with a malware labeled as Miniduke by Kaspersky Labs, CIRCL was interested in the way the malware’s later stages work and what kind of interesting information they reveal (e.g. techniques, style, IOCs). No public analysis was found except the mention in Kaspersky’s report of a custom backdoor, so CIRCL took one of the known samples and started this analysis.



  • CIRCL recommends private organizations or any potential targets to verify the Indicator of Compromise (IOCs) during the year 2012 contained in the report to detect any potential infection. CIRCL can be contacted in case of detection.

    • If you are checking for the A record of, as the current IP address ( is going to Google IP ranges, you might have false positive. You have to refine your search with the previous address used ( or checking the URL (news/feed.php) path pattern in your proxy logs to confirm the Miniduke infection.

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