MISP - Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform & Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing - Training Materials


In a continuous effort since 2016, CIRCL frequently gives practical training sessions about MISP (Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform & Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing). The purpose is to reach out to security analysts using MISP as a threat intelligence platform along with users using it as an information sharing platform.

This page includes all the materials used during the training, including slides and a virtual machine, preconfigured with the latest version of MISP. All the training materials are open source and available at the following location https://github.com/MISP/misp-training.

Next trainings

  • TBA

Next MISP Threat Intelligence summit

  • MISP Summit Thursday 21st October 2021

MISP Materials

Slides (PDF) Source Code
0-misp-introduction-to-information-sharing source
1-misp-usage source
1.2-misp-integration source
1.1-misp-viper-integration source
1.2.1-misp-integration-mail2misp source
2-misp-administration source
3-misp-taxonomy-tagging source
3.1-misp-modules source
3.2-misp-galaxy source
3.3-misp-object-template source
6.0-misp-dashboard source
a.0-contributing source
a.1-devintro source
a.2-pymisp source
a.3-misp-feed source
a.4-best-practices source
a.5-decaying-indicators source
a.5-bis-decaying-indicators-light-version source
a.6-forensic source
a.7-rest-API source
b.1-best-practices-in-threat-intelligence source
b.5-turning-data-into-actionable-intelligence-training source
a.8-dev-hands-on source
a.9-restsearch-dev source
a.10-galaxy-2.0 source
a.11-misp-data-model source
a.a-widget-dev source
b.2-turning-data-into-actionable-intelligence source
4-misp-standard source
x.13-exercise-movie source
a.b-cli source
a.c-deployment source

Complementary materials

Slides (PDF) Source Code
complete slide desk in one PDF source
MISP training cheat-sheet source
MISP feature list (for the trainers) source

Additional documentation

MISP Training videos

Sample videos which can be used to understand how the training materials are used in companion with a live MISP demo instance.

Passive DNS and MISP - Training videos

MISP Training support videos

Those are videos to support MISP trainings or demonstrations at large:

MISP Virtual Machine

Login and passwords for the VirtualBox MISP image are the following:

For the MISP web interface -> admin@admin.test:admin
For the system -> misp:Password1234

If you want to convert the image from VirtualBox to Parallels:

  • Get ovftools from VMware: https://www.vmware.com/support/developer/ovf/
  • Convert image: /Applications/VMware\ OVF\ Tool/ovftool –lax misp-training.ova misp-training.vmx
  • Open misp-training.vmx in Parallels
  • It converts and starts the image and it is ready to be used on a DHCP’ed IP address

MISP Community at CIRCL

If you want to connect to the CIRCL MISP community, feel free to contact us.


  • 7th July 2021 - Updates to the official training links
  • 26th September 2019 - Fixing links to training materials